What is Geomembrane and the advantage of geomembrane liner


Geomembrane is a waterproof coating made from HDPE / LLDPE / PVC. Geomembrane liner is made using sophisticated and modern machines so that the type of weight and thickness is maintained. Material from Geomembrane has water-resistant characteristics.

A HDPE geomembrane is a very low permeability synthetic membrane coating or barrier that is used with any geotechnical engineering related material to control fluid migration in man-made projects, structures or systems.

This geomembrane is made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Available in 0.5 mm thickness choices; 0.75 mm; 1.0 mm; 1.5 mm; 2.0 mm, up to 2.5 mm

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The advantages of using geomembrane are:

What is Geomembrane and the advantage of geomembrane liner

1.Very high level of impermeability and homogeneous quality control.
2.Resistance to ultraviolet and dangerous chemicals.
3.Very effective and economical price.
4.Construction is very fast and easy.
5.Flexible structure so as to reduce the occurrence of differential settlement.
6. Has a large elongation.
7. Installation can be formed according to the shape of the pond.

The advantages of geomembrane are: watertight, easy and fast installation process, strong and flexible, cheap and fast, resistant to UV light, stable long-term performance, strong against chemicals, has a large elongation,

GEOMEMBRANE provides an effective and inexpensive solution for waste water ponds. Costs incurred are not up to 20% of the cost if using concrete. The geomembrane layer can be directly applied to the soil that has been dug up and can be directly filled (used) shortly after installation is complete so there is no need for time lag settings such as concrete.

Also geotextile and geomembrane can be used together,which will form an geocomposite.

The application of geomembrane:

1.At landfills and waste, geomembranes as impermeable layers keep the original soil uncontaminated.
2. In ponds, fish / shrimp ponds etc., geomembrane installation is faster when compared to installing concrete or stone. As an impermeable layer of geomembrane also prevents pollution, both from pond water on the ground and vice versa.
3.Golf course, geomembrane can be applied to artificial ponds / lakes, the impervious nature of geomembrane makes water not infiltrated / seepage to the ground.

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