What is a non woven geotextile?

Needled punched nonwoven geotextile fabric belongs to a kind of non-woven fabric, which is made of polyester and polypropylene fiber, and is properly hot-rolled after needling for many times.

According to different processes and materials, hundreds of products can be made, which can be used in all walks of life, and various specifications can be customized according to different purposes.

Needled punched nonwoven geotextile fabric is a kind of nonwovens. It is to loosen, comb and lay short fibers into a fiber net, and then strengthen the fiber net into a cloth through a bayonet. The bayonet has a hook and thorn, and the fiber net is repeatedly punctured, and the hook belt fiber is reinforced to form needled non-woven fabric. The non-woven fabric is not divided into warp and weft, and the fabric fibers are disordered, with little difference in meridional and latitudinal properties. Typical products: synthetic leather base cloth, needle punched geotextile, etc.

Needled punched nonwoven geotextile fabric

Processing principle:

The production of non-woven fabric by needling method is completely through a mechanical function, that is, the needling effect of needling machine, which can strengthen and hold the fluffy fiber mesh to obtain a strong force [1].

The basic principle is:

The barber with barb on the edge of triangle section (or other section) is used to puncture the fiber mesh repeatedly. When the barb passes through the web, the fibers on the web surface and local inner layer are forced into the web. Due to the friction between the fibers, the original fluffy web is compressed. When the needle exits the web, the inserted fiber bundle breaks away from the barb and remains in the web. In this way, many fiber bundles entangle the web so that it can no longer return to its original fluffy state. After many times of needling, quite a lot of fiber bundles are punctured into the web, which makes the fibers in the web entangle with each other, thus forming needled nonwovens with certain strength and thickness.

The needled nonwovens include pre-needling, main needling, pattern needling, ring needling and tube needling.

Needled punched nonwoven geotextile machine

The development of China needle punched geotextile:

The proportion of needled non-woven fabric in the non-woven fabric production line is 28-30%. In addition to being used for conventional air filtration and dust control, the new application space of needled non-woven fabric is being expanded, including transportation, industrial wiping.

In fact, any combination of nonwovens is possible, which makes its properties adapt to special and more application requirements under ideal conditions.

The standardization problems of non woven geotextile filter fabric products, such as the big gap in standards and the lag in revision, are also paid attention to by the production and application parties.

Industrial textiles are involved in health, safety, environmental protection and other fields. According to the standardization law, compulsory standards should be formulated, but the existing compulsory standards are less, which also affects the unity of the standard indicators and the implementation.

On the one hand, product producers tend to pay attention to the general performance of products and use the relevant recommended national standards or industry standards drafted by the geotextile industry; while product users tend to pay attention to the engineering performance of products and use the relevant industry specifications, which is quite contradictory.

In addition, the standard system is not in line with international standards. In view of the insufficient centralized management of China’s industrial textiles industry, the lack of institutions that pay close attention to and specialize in the study of international and foreign advanced industrial textiles standards, the insufficient collection, summary and analysis of relevant standard information, resulting in inconsistent index requirements and testing methods with international standards.

Industrial textiles have different uses, which are unfamiliar and complex to other textiles. It is a test for all personnel including experts in the relevant links of industrial textiles.

Therefore, the consensus of the industry is to give full play to the enthusiasm and role of industrial textiles associations at all levels, accelerate the formulation and revision of industrial textiles standards, and jointly promote the scientific and standardized operation of industrial textiles standardization.

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