Non woven Geotextile and Woven Geotextile functions

There are many difference between woven geotextile and non woven geotextiles.

What is geotextile do and what is geotextile functions?

1. Reinforcement

einforcement geotextile woven

The use of geotextiles’ tensile properties to improve the mechanical properties of the soil layer.
Usually GTM woven geotextile has larger tensile strength so it is widely used for reinforcement.
Also we can use thick non woven geotextile as reinforment fabric.

Used in embankment, dam, road, railway, airports and other facilities; wet areas, parking and cold permafrost zone.


rotection geotextile

GTM Nonwoven Geotextiles placed between two different materials can work as protection layer.

Use in roadbed construction of roads and railways.

3. Drainage

rainage geotextile

Thick nonwoven geotextile,geonet,or drainage core,drainage board can collect and transport flood and

groundwater to the drainage pipe.

Underground drains, retaining walls and dam in the drainage system, agricultural irrigation system and so on.


ilteration geotextile

Geotextile has the ability to filtration which means geotextile allow fluid flow through the geotextile fabric

plane but prevent the movement of soil particles.

Used in roadbed drainage,dam waterproof and mine dam construction.


eperation geotextile

Geotextile has the ability to keep 2 different materials apart.Without Separation geotextile,the 2 layer will

mixed together.For example,the crushed gravel will mixed in to soft subbase.The Separation geotextile

nonwoven geotextile

can be woven geotextile or nonwoven geotextile.

Used in road construction.

6. Waterproof

aterproof geotextile

The composite of geotextile and geomembrane can form compound geomembrane which is a good

waterproof geosynthetics.Also when geotextiles used in road construction,it mixed withe the bituman.

It will form a waterproof layer to prevent water come into the road base.

7. Erosion Control

rosion control geotextile

Geo textile is anchored to the slope to hold the soil and seed in-place until the seeds germinate and

vegetative cover is established.

Used in coast, river bank protection and soil  erosion control.

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