Geotextile Types and Functions

Geotextile Introduction:

Geotextile, also known as film geotextile, is a kind of geosynthetic material, which is the general name of geosynthetic fiber fabric. It has gone beyond the scope of fabric, generally divided into woven geotextile membrane, non-woven geotextile fabric, synthetic and composite, widely used in water conservancy, power, transportation, construction, airport, environmental protection and other projects.

Under suitable conditions, the service life of geotextile can reach 50-100 years. The practice shows that the strength of geotextile produced bu China geotextile manufacturers remains above 80% after 10 years of burying. According to foreign data, the strength of geotextile is still about 75% after 20 years.

geotextile types

Geotextile membrane Applications :

Geotextile and geomembrane fabric has been widely used in developed countries. At present, nearly 900000 tons of non-woven fabrics are consumed in polyester and polypropylene fibers as the main raw materials.

The widespread use of geotextile film has a great impact on the project, which greatly improves the quality of the project. Geotextile is also widely used in water conservancy projects, using geotextile filtration, drainage, isolation, and other functions and combinations, widely used in railway, highway subgrade treatment, seaport, construction, subway, municipal, civil buildings, etc.

Geotextile is widely used in industry, transportation, energy, agriculture, water conservancy, environmental engineering, land transformation and other fields.

Reinforce or anchor retaining walls in backfill. Construction of surrounding retaining walls or abutments. Strengthen flexible pavement, repair pavement cracks and prevent reflection cracks. Improve the stability of gravel slope, strengthen the soil, and prevent the soil from erosion and frost damage under low temperature. Isolation layer between ballast bed and subgrade or between subgrade and soft subgrade. Artificial fill, rockfill or the separation layer between material field and foundation, as well as the separation layer between different permafrost layers, filtering and strengthening.

geotextile functions

Geotextile Membrane Functions :

  1. Filter layer function: geotextile has good permeability, which can effectively intercept soil particles, yellow sand and small stones, filter water, and maintain the stability of earth rock engineering.
  2. Drainage function: nonwoven geotextile has good water conductivity, which can form drainage channels in the soil and remove excess water in the soil structure.
  3. Isolation function: geotextile is used to isolate different building materials, such as soil and sand, sand and gravel. Soil and concrete can use two or more materials at the same time without losing or mixing, so as to maintain the overall structure and function of materials and improve the bearing capacity of buildings.
  4. Reinforcement function: the geotextile buried in the soil can improve the tensile strength and deformation resistance of the soil, and improve the stability of the building structure
  5. Protection function: geotextile can effectively disperse, transfer or decompose the concentrated stress and prevent the soil from being damaged by external force.
  6. Anti seepage function: the geomembrane or composite waterproof material can effectively prevent the leakage of water or other liquids, protect the environment and the safety and stability of the construction project

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